3 Day Microblading, Ombré Brows, Microshading Hands On Training & Cert

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Get Ready To Enhance Your Skill & Earn More Income By Attending Our 3 Day Microblading, Ombrè Brow, & Microshading training.

We will teach you how to create beautiful microshading and Ombré combo brows by incorporating manual + machine techniques in this event.

You will learn both methods and how to use them appropriately. We will help you tailor the perfect look for different types of clients.

Course Price: $2999(30% OFF USUAL PRICE $3599)

Deposit Required: $100 | Remaining: $2899

Classroom Limit: 2 Students Per Training

Training Location: 4931 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Classroom Hours: 10.30am – 5pm (Lunch & and refreshments provided)

Live Model: Students will observe & demonstrate on a live model one day

KITS: All Necessary Kits Are Included In This Training Package

Certificate: 2 Course Completion Certificate Provided For Microblading & Ombre Brows

Instructor: Miss Shiraz is Master Permanent & Microblading Artist/Instructor operating at Tysons, Arlington, DC . She received her initial training in Germany about 25 years ago in a Prestigious Reza's Academy. Along with her medical education, Shiraz is also a licensed esthetician. She moved to United States in 2005 and has continued with career since then.

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Any Questions Or Queries ?

Please Do Not Hesitate To Call Or Text Us At (240)-643-1044

Aparnaz Lash & Brow Studio | 1800 Wyoming Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

Aparnaz Lash & Brow Studio | 4931 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

You Will Not Lose The Deposit. If you miss the training we will re-schedule you for our next training.

What is Microshading and Ombré Combo Brows?

Microshading is getting more and more in demand because it caters to a more diverse clientele. Instead of hair strokes, you will be creating repetitive dots of pigment, called stippling, which makes the pigment yield easier on oilier skin. It’s the perfect alternative to those who are not good candidates for microblading or those with sensitive skin. The method uses either a manual hand tool or an electric rotary tool, which you will both learn in this training course.

The ombré brows can be either added on top of microshading or done as a style on its own. It creates a gradient effect on the brows from light to dark suitable for fashion-forward individuals.

How much can I earn Doing Microshading and Ombré Brows?

Microblading artists charge between $300-$500 for Machine Shading service and can increase their prices by offering an additional shading techniques in one treatment. Because these are considered advanced techniques, students must have prior experience or training in microblading.

Class Overview:

A deposit of $200 is due via Eventbrite at the time of registration to lock your spot, and the balance will be due the first day before start of class.

This will be a small to medium class with a max of (8) students permitted to ensure that everyone is grasping the concept and getting the attention that they deserve. Students will receive a Aparnaz Lash & Brow Certificate of Completion. Certificates will be mailed to any student who is accepted after the cutoff date specified.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call/text Sam at (240)-643-1044

Included in the Course:

Professional Shading Aluminum Kit Case

Artist Training Manual

(3) Li Pigment Shading Color Pigments

Professional CE Certified Microshading Device Pen

Theory Review

Framing & Brow Mapping

Ethnicities & Skin Types

Student Procedure Simulation

Color Theory (what pigments to choose for different undertones)

Needle Types & Suggested Uses

Practical Application and Preparation

Safety and Sanitization

Client Consultation and Consent Forms

Aftercare Instructions

Student Assisted Live Demonstration by Aparnaz Master Instructor

Depth and Stroke Practice using Synthetic Skin

Certificate of Completion on Microshading Techniques (Ombré & Powder Brows)

It is Student’s responsibility to investigate all licensing, apprenticeship, insurance and other state and local requirements for the practice of permanent cosmetics in the area in which he or she intends to work.

$100 ticket purchase is deposit only and required to lock in your spot. Classrooms are limited to (3) students to ensure a proper training environment. Training, practice materials, and Microshading pigments included. Total class cost $1350. Remaining balance required few days before class starts. Former student discount of $100 will be applied at the time of paying any reminding balance. This is not a microblading fundamentals certification course. Please look over our Eventbrite page for Microblading Fundamental or for additional information on becoming certified in microblading fundamentals.

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